The Oscar-nominated documentary Last Days in Vietnam will stream online for free for three days next month through PBS-related websites and related digital video outlets.

The documentary, which had a solid limited theatrical release in September, has grossed more than $441,000 since. It is one of five documentary features up for an Oscar on Feb. 22. The film, directed and produced by Rory Kennedy, details the days leading up to the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from South Vietnam in 1975 as North Vietnamese Communist forces encircled what was then called Saigon, and efforts by some U.S. personnel to save as many of their colleagues as possible.

Under the deal announced today at the PBS sessions before the Television Critics Association, Vietnam will stream for free between Feb. 5 and Feb. 7 on, as well as on the websites and branded digital sites for PBS’ 350 local stations. Those branded station apps can be found on Roku and Apple TV streaming video devices and Xbox game consoles.

The public broadcaster said it is making the film available so Academy members and the general public can watch it before Oscar voting closes Feb. 17. The film is set for a broadcast debut on PBS’ American Experience on April 28, when the DVD version will also become available. It also will be available for rent or purchase on iTunes and Amazon’s Instant Video and many cable systems’ VOD services.