Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show focused on American Sniper last night, including two Iraq vets on his panel, one of whom was a sniper:

The episode ended with kind of a thud, however, when Wilmore took his Keep It 100 question: If you knew it would guarantee massive success of your show, would you do a tour in Afghanistan as a soldier? “I would do a tour as a soldier, whether or not it has to do with my show or not. That’s just how I feel about it,” Wilmore said, adding, “I don’t care whether it has to do with my show. I would do a tour if I was called to. There you go.”

Wild applause from his studio audience. Then, he added, “but not at 53.” Wilmore wisely added that maybe he deserved a bag of weak tea – which Wilmore hands out to panelists who fail to give “100” answers to questions he puts to them during the show – for that answer.