YouTube stars KickThePj (a.k.a. PJ Liguori) and Sawyer Hartman will each launch an online-video series exclusively on Vimeo On Demand through a deal announced this morning with New Form Digital Studios. Two more series will be developed later this year as part of the New Form-Vimeo deal.

Liguori and Hartman won series-development deals as a result of short films they created in late 2014 as part of an incubator project run by New Form, the new multi-channel network backed by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Discovery Communications.

Vimeo New Form Digital StudioThe deals represent another step in the broadening of the online-video business, still dominated by YouTube and its freely available videos in their bewildering multiplicity, but increasingly featuring other big companies and new ways of making money. The decade-old Vimeo has long been an upscale competitor of YouTube, specializing in higher-quality content and offering ways to sell or rent videos through its On Demand offering.

Both Liguori and Hartman are well established on YouTube, with a collective subscriber base there of more than 3 million people. One big question will be whether their YouTube audiences will follow them to a new platform and pay to see their ambitious new projects.

Liguori’s Oscar’s Hotel tells the tale of a young man who takes over his uncle’s magical boarding house. The new proprietor must manage the high-maintenance mayhem of the mythical creatures who reside in the hotel, while tracking down his uncle, who has mysteriously disappeared. Here’s the amusing and rather manic trailer for Oscar’s Hotel: 

Hartman’s Parallax is set 17 years after repeated meteor strikes killed millions of people. A young scientist works to both protect his family and warn others of what he believes will be another string of deadly strikes. Here’s the trailer for Parallax. It has a bit of the melancholy sense of loss that informed the Matthew McConaughey trailers for Interstellar:

Vimeo, which is owned by Barry Diller‘s IAC, will debut the two 10-episode series later this year, where they will be available for purchase along with bonus content at still-to-be-determined prices. Two other New Form series will also be developed and debut on Vimeo On Demand later in the year.

Other investors in New Form include Craig Jacobson, Ed Wilson, Jim Wiatt, Michael Rosenberg and CAA.