Don Lemon got fricaseed last night on The Daily Show.

The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart mocked all New York-based TV news orgs’ coverage of Blizzapocalypsegeddon ‘15, noting that when the storm largely missed Manhattan, it left them with a tough choice: “Acknowledge that conditions have changed, ease up on the breathless hype, focus your attention on New England where it was actually really snowing, or cling desperately to the original narrative like dingleberries on a sheep’s ass.”

Cue option 2. But, Stewart gave them props for upping their game in the face of a flagging storm and story:

“I give you Anchor In A Car!”

…while noting, “as always, when there is an innovation in the field of news gathering, we look at CNN for its worst iteration.”

By which he meant Lemon, in an SUV, in Manhattan, driving around, looking for drama.

“I’m Don Lemon in CNN’s Blizzardmobile, and we’re out showing you what’s happening in Manhattan live, as it happens.”

“Settle down, Batman – it’s a Ford Explorer,” Stewart snarked.

“And, by the way, with the way you’ve been reporting lately, you’re lucky you’re not in an actual Blizzardmobile,” he added, as Lemon was seen Photoshopped into a Dairy Queen truck.

“How do you think it’s okay to get behind the wheel of an SUV on an icy road, putting other people at risk for amazing scoops like this?” Stewart asked Lemon, rhetorically. Cut to more Lemon in Ford Explorer, saying,

“I’m Don Lemon, the breaking news here on CNN: the blizzard of 2015, it is battering the city of New York.”

“Really? Battering? Your windshield wipers are set to Intermittent,” Stewart said in another poke.