You probably remember Castle Rock’s 1992 film Honeymoon In Vegas, if only for the squadron of parachuting Elvis impersonators floating down to the Las Vegas Strip to save the day at the end of writer-director Andrew Bergman’s comedy.

Now, as I say in my video review above, Bergman and composer/lyricist Jason Robert Brown (The Last Five Years) have turned it into a rambunctious retro Broadway musical starring Tony Danza (Who’s The Boss?) as a Sinatra-smooth card sharp (James Caan in the film) with designs on a Brooklyn girl bearing a close resemblance to his recently deceased wife.

Rob McClure fills the role of her gullible fiancé (Nicolas Cage in the movie), while Bryn O’Malley is the lady in question (Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie).

I thought the spirit of the Rat Pack endures in this silly but sophisticated romp.

Watch my video review and let us know if you agree.