As the Golden Globe for Best Picture, Comedy or Musical went to Fox Searchlight’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, director Wes Anderson took the stage flanked by his cast and proceeded to thank everyone from Fox Searchlight execs to individual members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Wes Anderson“I’m not going to spend many of my few seconds up here thanking people like Steven Rales and Scott Rudin and Jim Gianopulos and Nancy Utley and Steve Gilula, Jane and Owen, Ralph and Hugo, Jeremy, Bill, Rowan and Jason, Randy and Edward, and Adrian and Jason, Jeff and Tilda, Jim and Rick, and especially James L. Brooks and Polly Platt,” said Anderson.

“Instead, I’m going to focus on the membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press: Yorum and Dagmar and Yukiko and Munawar and Lorenzo, Armando, Husam, Jean-Paul, Hans, Helmut – these are the people I want to thank tonight, and many others with names nothing like theirs, but equally captivating – Kirpi, Erkki, Anke, and so on. I thank you for this Golden Globe.”

The comedy, about intrigue among the denizens and staffers of a tres Wes Andersonesque luxury hotel in decay, handily topped the 2014 indie box office by taking in $59.1 million domestically – a career best for Anderson, and a score for Fox Searchlight.

The Grand Budapest Hotel beat out another Fox Searchlight nominee, Alejandro Innaritu’s Birdman, despite that film winning Best Actor for star Michael Keaton. It also bested Best Picture nominees Into The Woods (Disney), Pride (CBS Films), and St. Vincent (The Weinstein Co.).

Last week Budapest snagged 11 BAFTA nominations, and the Globes win adds more ammo in its arsenal as it guns for the Best Picture Oscar race despite opening way back in March.