Freddie Wong, the YouTube star behind the online hit Video Game High School, and RocketJump Studios will create a new long-form comedy series exclusively for Hulu. The project will be done in association with Lionsgate.

RocketJump Studios Video Game High SchoolThe eight-episode series of half-hour shows will chronicle the behind-the scenes process of each new RocketJump short as it is being created. The shows will stream weekly on Hulu, as will the resulting shorts.

It is RocketJump’s first long-form series, and first on a site other than YouTube. Wong is a RocketJump co-founder. The announcement reflects the changes hitting the once-monolithic community of YouTube creators whose work and audiences were built there, financed by shares of ad revenues and huge potential fan bases.

In just the past two weeks, however, the competitive landscape has changed dramatically. Vimeo has announced deals to finance exclusive programming featuring YouTubers, produced by New Form Digital and Disney-owned Maker Studios. On Wednesday, Vessel launched with an all-you-can eat subscription model with three-day exclusives on content from a number of YouTube’s biggest players and networks, including Machinima, Jack Vale, and Ingrid Nilsen.

“As we continue to add the best talent to Hulu, it was a natural choice for us to partner with Freddie Wong and RocketJump,” said Hulu’s head of originals Beatrice Springborn. “With so many great content creators in the media landscape – from film, to television, to YouTube – Freddie Wong and the RocketJump team undoubtedly bring their own brand of creativity and a new wave of talent to Hulu.”

RocketJump_logoRocketJump has a huge YouTube presence, with more than 7 million subscribers. It is part of the exclusive “billionaires” club on YouTube, sites whose content has had more than 1 billion views there. RocketJump’s breakout hit was the action-comedy Video Game High School, which stacked up awards over three seasons and drew more than 84 million views.

The series marks RocketJump’s first-ever long form series, their first series for Hulu and their first series to premiere exclusively off the YouTube network. The project joins Deadbeat and Casual as Lionsgate’s third original series with Hulu.