UPDATE, 7:30 PM: Fox News Channel issued a correction on tonight’s Fox Report for on-air errors made on Justice With Judge Jeanine last weekend by a so-called terrorism expert during discussions of the Muslim population in Europe. Steve Emerson erroneously described Birmingham, England as a “No-Go-Zone” where non-Muslims are not allowed. In an extensive statement, Fox Report anchor Julie Banderas said the network regretted the error and apologized to any “who may have taken offense”. Judge Jeanine Piro also issued an apology on her show. You can watch the Fox Report video below:

PREVIOUS, Friday 4:05 PM: The people of Birmingham, England, will see their true demographics articulated on the top-rated cable news network this weekend. Fox News Channel plans to issue a correction on Saturday’s edition of Justice With Judge Jeanine, sources confirm. The correction is a consequence of unchallenged comments that a so-called terrorism expert made on air January 10 about the UK city. After his FNC appearance and incredulous response to the remarks in the UK, Steve Emerson apologized in an interview with the BBC for his claim that Birmingham was one of of several cities that is “totally Muslim” where “non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.”

According to ITV, British Prime Minister David Cameron said he “choked on his porridge” when he heard Emerson’s obviously incorrect remarks, telling the network, “This guy is clearly a complete idiot.” With a population of just over 1.09 million, Birmingham is the second-most populous city in the UK after London. According to a 2011 census, the Muslim population of Birmingham is approximately 22%.

Emerson told the BBC it was an “inexcusable error”. You can watch the video below.