Dish Network’s 14 million subscribers can watch The O’Reilly Factor and Fox And Friends again: Fox News is back on the No. 2 satellite system after the companies announced that they “have reached a multi-year agreement for carriage of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network” for customers who have “qualifying programming packages.”

The companies did not disclose terms. I’m told, though, that satellite customers will have streaming rights — although the channels will not appear on Dish’s new $20 a month Sling TV streaming service. While rates often are hard to calculate, Fox News is said to be in the same ballpark as TNT at about $1.50 per subscriber per month.

“We thank the viewers of Fox News and Fox Business and Dish customers for their patience throughout this process,” Fox News EVP Tim Carry and SVP Warren Schlichting said in a statement.

Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen said in a video: We know these negotiations were frustrating and we cannot thank you enough for remaining patient … We were very appreciative of all the comments, emails and phone calls we received from our customers that were very supportive of our stance to fight for fair rates and terms. But we also appreciated the feedback that was critical of our decisions. These comments to Dish and to Fox ultimately brought our respective teams together in a spirit of compromise so that our mutual customers would no longer be impacted.”

Fox News went dark on Dish on December 20 after they failed to agree on carriage terms. Both sides tried to enlist public support. O’Reilly recently said in an ad that the satellite provider is “censoring what you see. Enough is enough.” Another of Fox News’ on-air stars, Megyn Kelly, said “13 years at number one, now Dish doesn’t want you to have Fox?”

Earlier Ergen said in a video that Fox demanded a “surcharge” that tripled rates on an “unrelated, less popular” Fox channel on which Dish already had a carriage agreement that was not set to expire “for some time….Ironically, Fox News would be first to decry this type of deal making.” He added that it was “greedy, arrogant, and disrespectful to you, their loyal viewer.”

The run-in with Fox News follows recent Dish disputes that led Turner Broadcasting channels and CBS to go dark on its service.