Looks as though an American Idol crossover with Empire is coming.

American Idol exec producer Trish Kinane said they’d love to do something with Fox’s new drama series from Lee Daniels and Danny Strong and Imagine’s Brian Grazer, in which Terrence Howard plays the head of a music industry empire. She was responding to a TV critic who’s sked if any of Idol’s talent were planning an Empire guest gig, after noting it’s Fox’s most Idol compatible show yet. “Its early days and I don’t know what their schedules are, but we’d love to do something if it’s organic and it works for both of us. I hope we can find something,” she said this morning at Winter TV Press Tour 2015.

Later today, critics put the same crossover question to the creators and cast of Empire, informing them Idol producers had said they were game.

“It would be stupid not to,” Howard said.

“We would love it – it would be great,” enthused Empire EP Ilene Chaiken.