Last night’s college football championship game between Ohio State and Oregon not only set ratings records for ESPN and all of cable TV history, it also set off a storm of online conversation, as more than 4.4 million tweets were posted in the period between an hour before the game through 10 minutes after it ended, according to Twitter.

For comparison, the day’s most-tweeted non-sports show was The Bachelor, routinely part of Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 in its Twitter TV ratings. Last night, Nielsen estimated The Bachelor generated 131,000 tweets that reached about 3.3 million people. The 4.4 million tweets about the football championship reached more than 11 million unduplicated audience members, Nielsen estimated.

That 11 million people reached is also in the ballpark (or football stadium, in this case) for 2015’s biggest Twitter TV audience so far. It’s jousting with the two college semifinal games from Jan. 1 and this weekend’s top NFL divisional playoff game for biggest of the new year. The only non-sports event that’s come close so far is Sunday night’s Golden Globes Awards.

The game sparked plenty of amusing tweets from celebs, with Ohio roots or otherwise:

There’s also a “heat map,” an animated map of the country showing where Oregon- and OSU-oriented were being posted throughout the night. You can watch that by clicking through on the image below:

Heat map of twitter posts on college championship