CNBC said today it is unplugging from Nielsen for its Business Day programming and, instead, will partner with financial research provider Cogent Reports to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns on the network. The changeover will occur by the fourth quarter of 2015. Cogent Reports, a unit of Market Strategies International, will provide advertisers with targeted consumption metrics against CNBC’s core Business Day audience, the network says. That audience is largely in an out-of home environment that Nielsen does not measure.

“Throughout our 25 year history, traditional measurement companies have struggled to capture CNBC’s audience of business executives, decision makers and affluent investors who watch our network from their corner offices, trading floors, five-star hotel rooms, country clubs, restaurants and health clubs,” said Mark Hoffman, President of CNBC. “We are excited to begin to provide our marketing partners with a more complete understanding of the power and quality of our prestigious audience.”

“Accurately measuring Business Day’s total audience is one of our top priorities,” said Linda Yaccarino, President, Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal. “We all know that TV measurement continues to lag far behind rapidly changing consumer viewing trends and CNBC’s viewers have always been under-reported through Nielsen’s in-home-only panel. Having these insights into the affluent and out-of-home viewers to whom CNBC is programming and the same group clients are trying to reach is an important step towards better campaign management and smarter programming decisions.”

“Only using the numbers you like is a little tough to sell,” says Paul Rittenberg, executive vice president of advertising for Fox Business Network, which uses Nielsen to measure all its dayparts.

Cogent Reports collects data through a survey-based measurement system of more than 700 investors and 400 financial professionals each month.