Season 2 of Black Sails, debuting January 24, jumps the story backward 15 years, so viewers can understand the origins of Captain Flint’s rage, TV critics were told at TCA Winter Press Tour. (For the uninitiated, in addition to being the star of Starz’s swashbuckler, Flint’s the guy who collected a massive treasure, buried it on an island in the Caribbean with a few of his pirates then murdered them all so they wouldn’t spill the beans and, sadly, handed in his dinner pail by the start of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s literary classic Treasure Island.)

starz-1-logoToby Stevens, who plays Flint in the TV series, said the new season will “explain how he became the pirate he now is” and that we will “get to know a lot more about him and what is motivating him to do these quite extreme things.” He also warned that “perhaps he’s a lot more complicated than you think at the end of Season 1.”

On the bright side, Black Sails EP Jon Steinberg said Season 2 therefore will be “bigger, louder, deeper” and that we will get to see a “bigger world” on the show, including London. There also will be a humdinger of a season finale that Steinberg promises won’t feel like the first one.

The first season of Black Sails was set 20 years before Stevenson’s serialized novel and chronicled Captain Flint and his men, including young John Silver (Luke Arnold). When Season 1 debuted to 2.6 million Live+Same Day viewers during its opening weekend, it set a viewership record for a Starz original series.