“Stop respecting their medieval bullshit,” HBO late-night host Bill Maher said last night while discussing President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia to attend the funeral for King Abdullah.

Bill Maher Advises Hillary Clinton to Go Away Before U.S. Presidency Bid“I thought that [Michelle Obama] was kind of making the statement that I’ve been trying to get across here for a long time, which is: Stop respecting their medieval bullshit under the guise of, ‘It’s their culture,’” Maher said to his Real Time panelists. “Cultural relativism is nonsense. It’s the 21st century. You won’t shake hands with a woman? You’re the ones who should be embarrassed. And, if that’s judgmental – good, I’m judging. Yes, I’m judging that that’s f*cked up and that you’re the bigot. I’m not the bigot.”

According to press reports, Saudi officials did not shake hands with the First Lady when the Obamas visited Riyadh to attend the funeral.

Maher noted that even conservatives praised her for declining to wear a head cover – though foreign dignitaries are exempt from that Saudi requirement. He took issue with Obama attending the funeral in the first place, calling it “what we have [Vice President Joe] Biden for.”