Does reality television really need anyone to make fun of it?  Sisters Erin and Sara Foster —producers/writers/actresses of VH1’s new “docu-comedy” Barely Famouspremiering March 19, seem to think so.
The daughters of music producer David Foster will play sisters desperately floundering at the edges of Hollywood fame.  Although the series is a combination of scripted and improv material performed by a cast of actors, various celebrities will appear in cameos as themselves.
In 2005, David Foster and Linda Thompson’s home life was the subject of the Fox reality TV show The Princes of Malibu.  The daughters said they preferred not to be part of that. But they are not critical of it: “We love reality television,” they insisted.
At Today’s TCA panel,  the sisters insisted that though similarities may exist in their own lives, this is not a reality show. “It’s not a hybrid, it’s not a reality show, it’s really just a comedy,” said Erin.  The idea, she says, “is to poke fun at the culture of reality shows. Just sort of a joke about the culture.”
The sisters have compared the show to such comedies tapping into the realities of Hollywood as The Comeback, The Larry Sanders Show and Extras. They joked that their ideal is to create a “tall, blonde” Curb Your Enthusiasm.
The pair added they are not too worried about running into reality stars at parties after sending them up on TV.  “It’s not (about) the Kardashians or anyone specific,” Sara said.