There’s more job changes happening at Warner Bros. – this time in the executive ranks. After 20 years serving as CFO and EVP, Ed Romano is moving up to the newly created post of Vice Chairman, the company announced today.

“Ed is truly a Warner Bros. institution, and I am so fortunate to be able to draw upon his experience Ed Romano 01-2007and expertise on a daily basis,” WB CEO and Chairman Kevin Tsujihara said of the move for Romano, who has been at the place since 1968. “He has an incredible perspective on our business and the industry as a whole, and his partnership will be invaluable as we move the company toward our goals.”

With a big multi-year superhero slate plus more LEGO on the offering and cost cutting measures and pink slips underway, those goals include the now ex-CFO working tight with Tsujihara on what WB calls “the recently outlined growth strategies for the Studio, including international expansion, digital transition and resource reallocation from mature businesses to high opportunity, content-creating divisions.” Tsujihara, who joined the company the same year Romano became CFO,  succeeded Barry Meyer as the WB chief in March 2013 and has been strategically re-formatting the place almost from Day 1.

Also with Romano’s promotion comes another job to fill as WB still needs a CFO. No word yet on who the new moneyman will be but an announcement isn’t expected to be long in coming, I hear.