Each year, the Viewfinder list polls Hollywood execs, producers and creatives to find the list of most oft-mentioned short films, commercials and music vids. Those areas have traditionally been wellsprings for filmmakers who make the jump to features, which is why Deadline has been pleased to reveal the list each year. Already, two of these shorts are being adapted for features: 21 Laps is producing the feature version of Bag Man and Chris and Paul Weitz’ Depth of Field is producing the feature version of Prospect. The list is curated by Patrick Chu and Aaron Schmidt. Links to watch the shorts are provided where they were available.

1. The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos & Stacey Danger, 18 votes. Director: Michael Litwak (CAA, Grandview).

2 (tie).  DJ Snake, Lil Jon – Turn Down for What. 17 votes. Director: The Daniels (Mosaic)

2 (tie). Johnny Express. Director: James Woo.

4. The Karman Line, 16 votes. Director, Oscar Sharp (UTA, Management 360). No Link.

5. Bag Man, 14 votes. Director: Jonathan & Josh Baker (WME).

6 (tie). Floating, 11 votes. Director: Greg Jardin (ICM Partners, Hopscotch)

6 (tie). Interesting Ball, 11 votes. Director: Daniels (Mosaic)

6 (tie). Josef Et Aimee, 11 votes. Director Ben Shirnian (CAA). No Link.

9 (tie). Entangled, 7 votes. Director: Tony Elliott (CAA, Meridian Artists, Echo Lake).

9 (tie). Funnel, 7 votes. Director: Andre Hyland (UTA).

9 (tie). Prospect, 7 votes. Director: Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwell (WME, IAM)

9 (tie), Interview, 7 votes. Director Sebastian Marka (Gersh). No Link.

9 (tie), Too Many Cooks, 7 votes. Director: Casper Kelly (CAA).