UP network has greenlit its first original scripted series Ties That Bind (working title), a hybrid police procedural and family drama created and executive produced by Sheryl J. Anderson (Charmed, UP’s The Town that Came A-Courtin) and Stan Spry (UP’s The Town that Came A-Courtin, A Place In The Sun). Production on the 10-episode series, produced by Cartel Entertainment, begins in February for a summer premiere.

Ties That Bind revolves around Allison Manchester, a tough and experienced police detective in Atlanta. When she and her partner, Devin, must arrest her younger brother, Tim, for aggravated assault, her world drastically changes as Tim is convicted and sent to prison. She brings Tim’s two teenage children into her and her family’s home, joining her husband and her own teenage children Jeff and Hannah. Series focuses on the challenges both families face and joys and struggles of the teens as they adjust to their new home.

“‘Ties That Bind‘ is series about a family, loyalty and the limits of love,” said Barbara Fisher, senior vice president, original programming, UP. “It is just what we were looking for in our first scripted series– an entertaining show with a complicated lead tackling life’s most difficult challenges, while still enjoying romance and wonderful family moments. The lead character, Allison, is relatable to any working woman trying to balance her professional role with that of being a wife and mother.”

The Cartel has been involved in the production for the series A Place In The Sun for Discovery, and recent feature films including Guns, Girls, & Gambling, The Wedding Pact, Out Of Reach, Defending Santa, Merry ExMas, Crimes of the Mind, and The Town Came A-Courtin’.