A scalper’s scheme went awry when Sony decided to also make The Interview available online as well as in the theaters that would agree to take it on short notice after an initial cancellation. A Cincinnati-area man named Jason Best thought he could make some money re-selling tickets to The Interview when he heard it was playing at the Esquire Theater in Clifton, Ohio, the only location in the region carrying the controversial film after its release was reinstated early last week. Best spent $650 on 50 tickets, $13 each plus service fees, according to Cincinnati TV station WCPO.

The only problem? Distributor Sony subsequently also made deals to offer the film online through a number of online outlets (Sony just announced the film generated more than $15 million in four days on those outlets). And online rentals on those sites cost less than half the theater ticket, at only $5.99 (you can own a download of the film for $14.99).

So much for controlling exclusive access in Cincinnati to the film. Best, who thought he could return the tickets for a refund when his market bottomed out, is getting pushback from the theater, which says he’s trying to get paid for a scalping scheme that went awry, WCPO says. The theater offered to donate the $650 to charity, but Best says he can’t afford that and wants the money back.

Watch the station’s video of the story here: