Much as Jeremy Dawson liked Wes Anderson’s script for The Grand Budapest Hotel, actually making it scared him, he says in this video clip above from Deadline’s recent Oscar showcase, The Contenders.

The hit film is overstuffed with tricky and expensive challenges for a small-budget indie production, including ski chases, bad weather, trains, alpine lodges, mansions and much else alongside Anderson’s trademark painterly framing, distinctive art design and quirky humor.

Budapest stars Ralph Fiennes and many, many regulars from previous Anderson films, including Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray. The Anderson screenplay was “inspired by” the writings of early-20th-Century Austrian author Stefan Zweig, with a story Anderson created with Hugo Guinness. Anderson, Dawson and Scott Rudin produced the film and Fox Searchlight distributed in the United States.

Budapest had what is still the year’s biggest per-theater debut for any specialty film on March 28, and stayed in theaters well into the summer. It has grossed $59 million in the United States and $172.7 million worldwide.

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