Two superheroes. Two nights. Two shows. One mega-crossover from The CW. Fans of The Flash and Arrow are going to love this, but, as my video review says, even if you aren’t a hardcore small-screen resident of Starling City or Central City, this crossover casting is well worth a watch.

Starting on The CW at 8 tonight on Flash and continuing Wednesday on Arrow, the event from both shows’ producers (Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg) not only brings the two young heroes together again in their shared WBTV universe but evolves both them and their respective shows.

I wasn’t a big fan of Flash when it debuted but let me tell you, in this two-parter, dark archer Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and eager Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) give the big-screen likes of fellow DC Comics characters Superman and Batman a real run for their money.

Take a look at my review and then both of the shows. Are you looking forward to the crossovers? Let us know what you think.