UPDATED with video: As near as we can make out,  South Park’s Washington Redskins Go F*ck Yourself Holiday Special is an evil plot to bring back the Cosby Show era, when families gathered around the TV screen instead of retreating to their separate digital devices. In a sendup of the TV Industry’s “second screen” mania, the South Park characters keep directing viewers to tweet designated hashtags, including #savethelivingroom and #webelieveinyou.

The episode follows one in which Cartman started his own YouTube channel, and the hologram of Tupac Shakur tried to track down Michael Jackson’s hologram. South Park had announced Tuesday The Washington Redskins Go F*ck Yourself Holiday Special would feature holograms of Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson playing Peter Pan — you are welcome, NBC. In the episode PewDiePie, Swedish celebrity game commentator, came on to play Call of Duty, and blow away Cartman, ending his #Cartmanbrah’s reign of terror as show commentator.  And, Bill Cosby sat on a couch and offered Taylor Swift a drink after they performed an update of  the tune “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” You had to be there.

Hours before tonight’s season wrapper, a third woman filed a lawsuit against Cosby. Tamara Green says Cosby defamed her when he said her claims he drugged and raped her more than 40 years ago are lies. Cosby’s lawyer, Martin Singer issued a statement saying, “We are very confident that we will prevail in this proceeding and we will pursue claims against the attorneys who filed this action.”

Tonight’s episode title bookends South Park’s  18th season opener, which in September featured a highly hyped takedown of NFL team owner Dan Snyder. The boys of South Park launched a company on Kickstarter and decided to call their company The Washington Redskins, because the name was available since the “court thingy.” (In June, the U.S. Patent Office canceled trademark protection for the team name because it said it was an insult to Native Americans; that move threatened millions of dollars in merchandising, sponsorships, etc. The team has appealed that ruling.) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was revealed to be a robot with only a limited repertoire of cliches.