NBC News’ chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman didn’t fare well in the public’s eyes when she first apologized for breaking her voluntary, announced-on-national-TV Ebola quarantine after returning from covering the epidemic in West Africa. The network’s news division for its part also decided she should take a break even after what became a mandatory 21-day quarantine for Snyderman and her crew — NBC News asked her to spend time with her family, and generally keeping her out of circulation until her mishandled on-air “apology” could fade in viewers’ memory.

That time came this morning, when a much more sincere Snyderman sat down with Today‘s Matt Lauer. “I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do and what the public expected of me, and for that I’m sorry,” she said during a sit-down.

She added: “I’ve learned a lot through this, but we have to remember that we live in a smaller world day by day and this may be a big lesson for all of us in how we treat epidemics in the future and how we message better and how we keep our promises.”

See the full video above.