“Something pretty crazy happened this week,” said James Franco, hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time, as he jumped directly on the biggest story to hit Hollywood this week, the hacking scandal that ransacked Sony computers of a reported 100 terabytes of information (i.e., the rough equivalent of the contents of 10 Libraries of Congress). Franco and Seth Rogen, his co-star on the Sony film The Interview, then took a few swipes at the mess (not to mention at themselves).

Sporting a buzz cut and a sleek monochrome style, Franco began his monologue solo, telling the audience that rather than wait for his personal info to get out, he’d share it himself.

Seth Rogen James Franco Yoko Ono and John Lennon“My email address is ‘cuterthandavefranco@aol.com,'” he said, “and my password is ‘littlejamesiecutiepie.'”

Then Rogen — hirsute, bespectacled and similarly attired in grays — showed up to say, “it’s much, much worse than we thought.”

Personal photos from their mobile phones had been stolen as well, Rogen said. The SNL art department did some magic with a James-and-Seth Christmas Card, another shot that’s an homage to that John & Yoko Rolling Stone cover, and a few more. The bit was smooth and funny if, well, pretty tame.

Here’s the clip.  Let us know what you think.