“I’m sorry to report Anderson Cooper will not be my attaché for New Year’s Eve this year on CNN,” Kathy Griffin said this afternoon, citing Cooper’s “vulgarity and crossing-the-line humor.”

CNN BuildingShe was, of course, joking — CNN already having announced it would reunite its annual New Year ringer-inners to see out 2014. They’ll handle 9 PM to 12:30 AM ET from Times Square. After that they will hand off to Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin, who we’re hoping will count down for Central Time Zone revelers the whole wonderful year’s worth of Lemon-isms, including penis-biting as a rape defense and whether something supernatural made off with the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, etc.

“I’ve given up asking Kathy to watch what she says. There’s no point,” Cooper said of this year’s New Year’s Eve Live With Anderson Cooper And Kathy Griffin. “I’m just hoping for the best.”

CNN released more details on its New Year’s Eve plans, including correspondents reporting live from celebrations around the world — London, Moscow, Beijing and Calcutta. Baldwin and Lemon will be live from New Orleans, Pamela Brown from Memphis, Gary Tuchman will cover the Crab Drop in Easton, MD — and Richard Quest somehow has snagged the assignment of reporting from a cruise ship off the Bahamas.