EXCLUSIVE: Composer Alexandre Desplat has a half-dozen Oscar nominations on his résumé, including the scores for Best Picture winners Argo and The King’s Speech. But there’s no gold statuette on his mantel. This year he has five scores in contention; among them is Morten Tyldum’s  The Imitation Game. “The great directors, I’ve learned, have a great sense of rhythm,” Desplat says in a new featurette that’s exclusive to Deadline. “It’s like a symphony.” The composer says creating a movie score can take weeks or months to finish a project. “It depends on the size of the film and how much score is needed,” he says. “Godzilla took two months because it required a two-hour-plus score. Imitation Game was three weeks.” Desplat says the latter film’s music “not only conveys (Alan Turing’s) state of mind and his research and his excitement, it also conveys the suspense of the story that they’re trying to break the (Nazi) code.” Watch the behind-the-scenes featurette above.