SNL continued its climb out of the late-night dregs into its best season in years (if not decades) as host Woody Harrelson celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut as the show’s guest host.

He had surprise help from some folks whom he vaguely remembered as recent colleagues: his Hunger Games co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. Aptly, he used the occasion to toss a few grenades into the Taylor Swift camp with a so-bad-it’s-brilliant parody of Swift’s massive-selling new album, 1989 (named, sigh, for the year of her birth, and before those of Hemsworth and Hutcherson).

“With all due respect to Miss Swift,” Harrelson said, strapping on his Taylor acoustic guitar, “I know a little bit more about 1989 than she does…even if the memories are a little bit fuzzy.” He shrugged: “…because of the drugs.”

Despite all that damage all those years (and minutes) ago, Harrelson managed to rhyme “Saddam Hussein” with “cocaine” and to reference Margaret Thatcher, Cheers, the Berlin Wall and his mullet.

What did you think of the “song?” Remember as much as Woody?