Continuing its assault on country-queen-turned-pop-star Taylor Swift, Saturday Night Live ran one of its signature phony TV ads, this time for “Swiftamine,” a pill to counter the severe vertigo many people feel brought on by the mere mention of her seemingly everywhere name.

Among the “ordinary people” relating their bad-trip experiences was Chris Rock, who memorably was SNL’s guest host just two weeks ago. This was recorded then but just surfaced on SNL’s YouTube feed, so we’re sharing it.

One little fact check, though: the faux testimonials included a reference to hearing TS on iTunes … and Spotify. Swift yanked all her back albums from Spotify when her blockbuster 1989 came out earlier this month, saying the music-streaming service was hurting musicians with its small royalty payments.

Are you feeling any vertigo or other symptoms from Taylor Swift over-exposure?