The Casting Society of America will present Boyhood helmer Richard Linklater with its award for Career Achievement at the 30th Annual Artios Awards. The award will be presented January 22. The Artios Career Achievement Award recognizes an individual’s contributions to the entertainment industry and inclusion of the casting director in the overall creative process.

Linklater has directed 17 features and the 12-year time lapse drama Boyhood remains squarely in the Oscar mix. Linklater worked for a decade on that film with casting director Beth Sepko. “Richard is a filmmaker whose work is both current and timeless. With Boyhood, he worked with casting director Beth Sepko to make casting choices, which sustained the film’s emotional truth over the 12 years it took to shoot. It demonstrates the power of making the artistically authentic choice and highlights how much can be achieved with quality casting. His career is full of such work,” said Richard Hicks, President of the Casting Society of America. “It’s a special year for the Artios, our 30th, and it required an extraordinary honoree. We are thrilled to salute him.”