Following his much talked about critical tweets on Gravity, astrophysicist/TV personality Neil DeGrasse Tyson has emerged as a top authority on big-budget Hollywood movies set in space. While he insists he is not a critic and doesn’t do movie reviews, DeGrasse gave Chris Nolan’s saga as thorough science examination as he did on Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity with a slew of tweets Sunday. Whether or not the participation of Caltech physics professor Kip Thorne as consultant and executive producer played a part, Interstellar got high marks from Tyson in the scientific accuracy department. (Or he may have been more measured in his response following the backlash to his criticism of Gravity.) Here are some of his tweets:

Tyson repeated his praise for Interstellar on CBS This Morning though stopped short of fully embracing it as a work of science. “They go through a wormhole to another part of the galaxy so…  it’s sci-fi, OK?” he said, laughing. Check out the video above.