Jon Stewart heads to Fox News Channel tomorrow to plug his new movie, Rosewater on The O’Reilly Factor. Yesterday he appeared on FNC rival CNN to plug the movie, and Jake Tapper asked why he used so much CNN footage in the docu-drama, given how much he “craps” on CNN on his Comedy Central late night show.

Last month, O’Reilly visited Stewart’s Comedy Central show, to plug his new book, Killing Patton, though Stewart barely mentioned the book, except to say he hadn’t read it, in order to devote the segment to a debate on  “white privilege.” “I want you to admit that there is such a thing as white privilege, ” Stewart exclaimed —  O’Reilly having previously said white privilege is a myth.

After several headache-inducing minutes of screeching and chest-thumping, O’Reilly called his FNC show, “the highest-rated cable news show in the world.” He has often claimed other TV programs like to have him on because he boosts their ratings.

“Somebody hasn’t seen Megyn Kelly yet,” Stewart riposted. “She’s crushing you, dude! She’s crushing you! She’s crushing you!”

“You’re misleading your audience!” O’Reilly roared back.

“She’s crushing you!” Stewart said, making it four in all.

And, when someone in Stewart’s audience heckled O’Reilly as he claimed he and Stewart had their own TV shows because they worked hard — not because they’re white, O’Reilly turned to the guy and said,  “Oh, you think I”m sitting here cause I’m white?  What are you — a moron?…I’m sitting here because I’m obnoxious — not because I’m white!”

And, because there’s nothing like watching two older white guys with TV series shout at each other as to whether white privilege still exists in America, that episode of The Daily Show bagged 1.537 million viewers – up a notch from its third-quarter average of 1.410 million. The biggest boost came with Jon’s target 18-34 demo, where The Daily Show skipped 36% that night compared to 3Q average: 543,000 viewers vs 398,000.