On John Oliver’s final original episode of the year (Season 2 starts February 8, 2015) HBO’s Last Week Tonight host introduced viewers to the Salmon Cannon — a device that shoots spawning salmon over a dam on its trip upstream. “In your darkest moments of despair, when you see a world torn apart by war, I want you to remember that video and think we can do great things, ” he told viewers, after showing viewers CBS News footage of such a device.

Then he unveiled his own Salmon Cannon, with which he began to blast salmon across the TV firmament, hitting: Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, David Letterman, Homer Simpson, Kelly Ripa, Meredith Vieira, Tom Hanks as he was making a PSA for the National Park Service, JJ Abrams on the Star Wars set, the Grey’s Anatomy operating table, etc.

Top that, Discovery Channel.