The massive snowstorm that has buried Buffalo, NY, has forced the NFL to call an audible. The league said tonight that the Buffalo Bills’ home game against their in-state and division rival New York Jets has been moved from Sunday afternoon to Monday night in Detroit. CBS nfl+on+cbsswill air the game at 7 PM Eastern in the NYC and Buffalo-area markets. The schedule shift means ESPN could lose a big chunk of viewers in the country’s No. 1 TV market for its Monday Night Football matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints. Jets-Bills will be at around halftime by the time ESPN’s game kicks off at 8:30 PM ET. The Jets are enduring a horrific season, but the team’s rabid fans are likely to tune in anyway, if only as a hate-watch so they can eviscerate the players and coaches on sports talk radio the next day.

The re-sked also means CBS viewers in those markets won’t see original episodes of 2 Broke Girls at 8 PM or Scorpion at 9 PM (The Big Bang Theory at 8:30 is a repeat). The Jets-Bills game also will run into the 10 PM start time of NCIS: Los Angeles. No word from CBS or ESPN reps about the NFL’s move.