In the latest spin on the doctor with the dual personality, the UK’s ITV has commissioned a 10-part action adventure drama inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s, The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. The series, Jekyll & Hyde, hails from British actor and author Charlie Higson whose credits include The Enemy and the Young Bond series of books. He’ll write and executive produce. The classic story has been adapted myriad ways, including in the UK by Sherlock and Doctor Who‘s Steven Moffat in a contemporary, Golden Globe-nominated 2007 BBC version. This one is set in 1930s London at a time of Hollywood glamour, aerodynamic cars and monster movies. It’s also the second time in recent days that ITV has resurrected a classic monster: The network announced last week that Sean Bean is leading its six-part period crime drama The Frankenstein Chronicles.

Jekyll & Hyde will focus on the young, attractive and troubled hero, Robert Jekyll, the grandson of the original doctor. Newly-qualified, Robert is on a quest to discover his real identity, his true family history and the nature of his ‘curse’ which is being controlled with medication by Dr Vishal Najaran. One actor will play the lead role, transforming into Hyde in moments of extreme anger and stress, and when his or the lives of others are threatened.

CGI will play a “huge” part in the transformation and subsequent superhero sequences. Certain recurring characters, including monsters, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, vampires and general freaks of nature, will also be created by CGI techniques in the ambitious ITV project. Casting is underway.

In a twist for a UK series, some shooting is to take place in Sri Lanka, beginning in January 2015. The production will then move back to London from February to July. The White Queen’s Colin Teague will direct. ITV Studios Director of Drama Francis Hopkinson (Lucan, Wallander) will also exec produce with Foz Allan (Wolfblood, The Dumping Ground, Robin Hood) producing.