The first grosses are rolling in from international markets on the sci-fi film Interstellar as it dominated the French-speaking countries, Warner Bros. is reporting. Paramount is releasing the film stateside while Warner Bros. is handling the Christopher Nolan-directed film in 62 countries on more than 13,000 screens this weekend. That includes 200 IMAX screens. So far, Interstellar has laid claim to over 50% of the marketshare of the Top Five films in France and Belgium, Warner Bros.’ states. Specifically, France grossed $743K on 750 screens and 91K admissions Wednesday as the Matthew McConaughey-starrer is poised to take advantage of the Armistice Day holiday weekend November 11th. However, with 91K admissions, it’s not even close to the Top 10 openers; in fact, it’s No. 26 per French box office trackers. Oui? Non!

There are no other massive openers this week, but The Maze Runner has been going strong in France and a local picture Samba is continuing to play.  Interstellar goes wide across all major territories this weekend except China (which debuts on Nov. 12th) and Japan (which bows on Nov. 22nd). Gravity ended up making $38.2M in France and that country ranked as its third biggest market behind the UK ($53.1M) and China ($70.6M).

Stateside, the Interstellar grossed $1.35M over the first two days and opens wider tonight into 3,561 theaters. It is competing domestically with Disney’s Big Hero 6 which opens stateside at 7 PM in 3,761 theaters tonight (Thursday), but is expanding overseas into some smaller Interstellar markets such as Greece, Middle East, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Most of the markets for the animated family feature will open in December and January with Mexico opening Nov. 14th. Big Hero 6 has already released in Russia where it did fairly well due to kids being out of school on holiday for two weeks. It’s earned over $11M+ there. It won’t get to Japan, which figures heavily in the Big Hero 6 story, until December 20. Japan was the No. 2 territory for Wreck-It Ralph ($31.2M) which is being used as the comp. Big Hero 6 got its world premiere in Japan on October 23 at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The big question for Interstellar both for Paramount and Warner Bros. is the nearly three hours running time.

Nancy Tartaglione contributed to this report.