With the CG animated superhero tale Big Hero 6 heating up the box office for Disney Animation, the Mouse House has dated two more animated films for 2016. Zootopia, about a fast-talking fox who teams up with a straight laced bunny cop to clear his name, will hit wide release and 3D screens on March 4, 2016. Later that year, the Polynesia-set animated musical Moana will open for the holiday crowd on November 23, 2016 from The Princess and the Frog directors Ron Clements and John Musker.

These are two of the release slots Disney staked out in May when the studio announced its long-range plans for animated flicks through 2018. Last week Disney head Bob Iger broke the shocker that a fourth Toy Story is in the works from Disney-owned Pixar and expected to open on June 16, 2017.