Two years ago, NBC News’ chief White House wonk Chuck Todd lambasted fake newsman Stephen Colbert, his Super PAC, and possible POTUS bid, suggesting Colbert maybe had some “ulterior motives,” and was trying to influence the “process” with an  “anti-Republican” agenda, warning that media were “participating in the marginalization” of the other candidates if they covered Colbert’s antics.

But now, in 2014, Todd is the struggling host of NBC’s poorly rated Sunday Beltway show Meet The Press, with a book to sell, while Colbert gets good ratings, sells books, and is the prettiest dress in the store as he winds up his run on Comedy Central. So, Todd was his guest last night, and he smiled and simpered as Colbert observed, “You’re genetically engineered for this job. You know everything about politics. You got the horse race in your head, you know all the players — I wouldn’t be surprised if they just kept you in amniotic fluid at night…and you wake up screaming, ‘Voter Polls! It looks good for McConnell!’ ”

Todd asked Colbert if he had The Six-Year Itch. Colbert responded he had the Six Year Swamp Ass, adding, “You know, I’m getting out of the game, baby?!”

“Obviously,” Todd snickered, before explaining that this midterm election is “about spending $4 billion to decide if it’s Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell in charge of the filibuster” — which is sure to drive viewers to NBC’s coverage of election results tonight.