Bill Cosby may have been dumped by everyone else amid allegations of sexual abuse, but documentary filmmaker Nonie Robinson is sticking by him. Cosby was one of many black actors she’s interviewed for her documentary Painted Down, which tells the little-known history of white stunt performers who were “painted down” to make them look black so that they could double for black actors. In his interview for the film, Cosby recounted how this was done to his white stuntman on the 1960s TV series I Spy. Robinson said that Cosby will stay in her film, which is still in production and seeking distribution – a task that may prove more difficult now that one of its stars has fallen from grace.

“It’s all very sad and I support Mr. Cosby, who has been nothing but generous, kind and a mentor to me working in this project,” she told Deadline. “I’ve never experienced anything but kindness from Mr. Cosby. Mr. Cosby gives testament to the ‘painting down’ process, but does not over shadow the project as his account is just one of many in the film. We are still moving forward with the documentary.” Others interviewed for the film include Whoopi Goldberg and Lou Gossett Jr.