They said that compliance would be rewarded on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1.6/5) last night as the lady herself from the forthcoming Marvel’s Agent Carter made a much hyped appearance from the WWII past, and mysteries within mysteries and betrayals rolled out. Well, there was a small but desired reward of the ratings sort for the super spy series. Even with a Shark Tank (1.1/3) repeat as lead-in replacing and improving on the now cancelled Selfie, S.H.I.E.L.D. saw a slight rise of 7% among adults 18-49 from the series low of its November 11 show. The show also had a 5% uptick in viewership form last week to 4.5 million – the best it has done since October 14. So I think a thank you Agent Carter is in order. With that, lead-out Forever (1.0/3) was even with last week  – which was a season low for the freshman NYC immortal show.

The powerhouse troika of CBS’ Tuesdays was anything but flat as they flexed some Semper Fortisserious muscle last night. Last week NCIS (2.6/8), newbie NCIS: New Orleans (2.3/6) and Person Of Interest (1.6/5) were all down double digits. Last night they rose 13%, 15% and a strong 23% respectively. The most watched show of the night with 17.89 million tuning in, NCIS tied The Voice for their 8 PM time slot and highest-rated show of the night. Its franchise freshman sibling NOLA easily won its 9 PM slot and was the second most watched show of Tuesday’s primetime with 16.68 million. All of which is to say, the gang was back in town as CBS won the night in the demo (2.2/7) and overall viewership (14.748 million).

Having said that, when you start your show announcing that the legendary Diana Ross will be dropping by next week as one of several new guest mentors, it is kind of hard to add more surprises to the night. However, that’s what happened on The Voice (2.6/8) last night with instant saves and more elimination bringing things down to a Top 10 heading toward next month’s finale. All that action however did not translate into demo eyeballs. In fast nationals, the 1-hour live show was down 13% from the final nationals of last week’s 2-hour episode to hit a season low for now. That, of course could change in today’s final nationals as often happens with The Voice.

With a Voice 1-minute overrun, Marry Me (1.6/5) saw a nice jump of 23% from its last original on November 4. While likely remaining up from its last show, that result will certainly go down for Marry Me, which NBC recently ordered five more episodes of, in the final numbers. As well as Marry Me did in fast nationals, the real comedy star for NBC last night has to be About A Boy. Off the air for two weeks, the show came roaring back with a 44% leap from its November 4 show. None of which helped lead-out Chicago Fire (2.0/6), not that it particularly deeply hurt either. After a surge last week with its part in the 2-night November sweep crossover with fellow Dick Wolfer’s Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D., the drama took a 9% tumble.

After a steady first two weeks of its second season, Fox’s MasterChef Junior (1.5/5) deflated last night. The Gordon Ramsey show was down 17% from last week among the 18-49s and overall viewership. Lead-out New Girl (1.4/4) stayed steady with an 8% rise while fellow comedy The Mindy Project (1.1/3) was even with last week.

Over on The CW, speedster The Flash (1.3/4) slowed down 7% from last week while lead-out Supernatural (1.0/3) was up 11%.