Piers Morgan, just named editor-at-large of TheMailOnline, came to Fox News Channel tonight to pal around with Sean Hannity, who welcomed him for having recently written that Obama had “committed professional suicide” because he’s so complacent about “protecting Americans.”

The former CNN primetime host and the current FNC primetime host professed their mutual admiration.

“I look at you as a colleague,” Hannity insisted.

“You spoke to me in a restaurant when I was dining out one night and you were very chivalrous about our supposed rivalry,” responded Piers.

They also shared details of their mutual disappointment with President Obama.

“Cable news,” said Hannity, giving Piers talking-point whiplash. “You come to America. I thought you did a lot of things really well [on CNN]. I thought you came out of the box strong.  You had two media giants in this country, Oprah Winfrey and Howard Stern — great ‘gets’ as we say in the business. You were deferential to Larry King. A little bit of bluster when you came out — you tried to pick a fight with me. You notice I didn’t bite? Why do you think CNN is not doing  so well?”

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Morgan, no dummy, began instead to discuss why FNC does so well: The network “tends to be a pretty constant, and has an audience that sticks with it, day in and day out, to hear a particular brand of journalism, which I think Fox, to its credit, does with great confidence, and verve, and great production value,” Piers began. “You haven’t got to agree with it all — and I don’t. I often watch your show and want to shout at you myself.” He mentioned that CNN’s ratings are more driven by big news events, which has become the domain of social media.

Hannity’s thoughts turned to guns. “We’re not going to turn it into a gun debate,” Hannity said as he turned it into a gun debate. He noted he has carried a weapon “more than half my adult life.”

“Are you carrying now?” Piers asked, having his fun.

“Yes, sir,” Hannity said proudly. He said Piers talking about gun control when he had a show on CNN, “would be like me going to Great Britain and saying, ‘I don’t understand your love of the monarchy’.  And for me to be critical of that is going to the core of a tradition…and I don’t understand why you picked that issue.”

“Because the monarchy are not going to kill you,” Morgan snarked.

“You are doing exactly what I didn’t want you to do,” said Hannity, when Piers continued to speak intelligently on the subject and it became clear Hannity would not win the debate.

He did however, when asked, let Morgan finish his sentence.