Having apparently run out of mermaids to document, Animal Planet is moving on to the world of animal zombies. The network has optioned the zombie animal graphic novel series The Other Dead.  The book series features a “nightmarish world of undead animals” —  including a pack of man-eating zombie dogs hungry for President Obama’s Secret Service team. Here in the real world, we call them “the press.”

Other Dead AlligatorAnimal Planet’s first stab at the popular genre is scheduled to debut in the first quarter of 2016. Created by Joshua Ortega (Gears of War, Star Wars, Spider-Man) and Digger Mesch (Agent 88, X-Men, Payday), The Other Dead, from IDW  Publishing,  is set in Louisiana during the “next Hurricane Katrina.”

Animal Planet’s announcement was scant on details for the adaptation. But in the source material, characters include a kid with cancer, a stripper witch, some kids who perform satanic rituals on ducks, a rock star  — and Obama. Former VPOTUS Dick Cheney plays a role in Other Dead as well,  though it’s unclear if he will make it to series — he’s killed by zombie deer during a Texas hunting trip.

Kurt Tondorf, the VP Development at Animal Planet who championed this deal, said in the announcement,  “Our stylistic and creative ambitions as a network happily found their echo in the pages of The Other Dead,” adding, “We’re rabid about bringing Josh and Digger’s bold, wry and unrelenting vision to life.”

In today’s announcement, Ortega waxed enthusiastic: “The entire creative team could not be more excited about this partnership, and the timing for The Other Dead series could not be more perfect,” adding,  “Zombie animal meets Animal Planet? Sounds like we have some serious undead fun ahead of us.”