UPDATE, 9:48 AM: NBC News’ comment, after Nielsen this morning issued its “nevermind” in re the historic snap of NBC newscast’s winning streak Nielsen had — inaccurately — awarded earlier to ABC: “We are pleased that the corrected numbers confirm that NBC Nightly News is the No.1 news broadcast in America, and has been for the last 265 weeks. We remain, first and foremost, committed to our viewers and bringing them a broadcast with credible, authoritative news they can trust.”

PREVIOUS, 9 AM: ABC News’ comment, after Nielsen this morning issued its “nevermind” in re the historic evening news ratings win it had — inaccurately —  awarded to ABC: “For us, it has always been about the viewer at the end of the day. World News Tonight is in the tightest evening news race in several years and we’re honored the viewers are responding.”

PREVIOUS, 8:44 AM: This just in: revised Nielsen data for the week of September 29 shows NBC Nightly News finished No. 1 in total viewers — which means NBC Nightly News’s winning streak remains unbroken, for 265 consecutive weeks now.

Nielsen has adjusted ABC’s newscast downward for that week by 303,000 viewers, to 8.113 million — trailing NBC’s 8.283 million, which is a 33,000 viewer uptick compared to Nielsen’s original reporting. Back when Nielsen had issued its earlier, inaccurate, numbers showing ABC’s newscast had snapped NBC Nightly News’s then  263-week winning streak, it was big news.

ABC’s news continued to prevail in the news demo for that week, but with 139,000 fewer demo viewers, while NBC gained 5,000 – cutting ABC’s lead by more than half.

PREVIOUS, 8 AM: NBC Nightly News finished first in overall audience and among 18-49 year olds the week of October 6. ABC’s World News Tonight took the week in the 25-54 news demo.

The NBC broadcast averaged 8.561 million total viewers, 1.5 million 18-49 year olds, and 2.010 million news demo viewers, marking its best total viewer delivery since the week of April 28, and best news demo viewer delivery in four weeks. ABC’s newscast clocked 8.213 million viewers, 2.072 million news demo viewers and 1.366 million 18-49 year olds.

CBS Evening News averaged 6.22 million viewers, 1.47 million news demo viewers and 1.036 million younger demo viewers.

Meanwhile, still awaiting corrected stats for the week of September 29. Nielsen initially reported ABC’s newscast took that week in all metrics, snapping NBC’s total viewer record. But, it’s not just primetime TV programs that got hit by Nielsen’s numbers snafu — after keeping mum on the controversy for weeks, the ratings measuring giant publicly admitted Friday that a glitch had been skewing ABC’s numbers since March. Nielsen has corrected its stats for the first week of the TV season — week of September 22 — sending ABC’s newscast numbers down and NBC’s up, though ABC still took the news demo race while NBC prevailed among viewers of all ages.