Never-before-seen photos show the last known images of Midnight Rider camera assistant Sarah Jones on the Georgia set where she lost her life in February. In one, Jones (in green) is seen slating a shot with actor William Hurt lying in the hospital bed that later was laid across train tracks and struck, leaving Jones dead and several others injured. Another shows the crew with equipment on the south end of the Doctortown train trestle moments after a train has passed. Jones also is seen walking along train tracks with Hurt and actor Wyatt Russell, who were set to play Gregg and Duane Allman, respectively. The photos were obtained by ABC News, which is dedicating tonight’s episode of 20/20 to the Midnight Rider tragedy, new details of which came to light this week in a Deadline exclusive report detailing the discoveries of OSHA’s federal investigation. The episode airs 10 tonight.

ABC News - Sarah Jones midnight Rider set train tracks

Sarah Jones On set of Midnight Rider - ABC News

Midnight Rider set: Sarah Jones - ABC News