Warner Bros chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara unveiled to investors today a new strategy for the film studio, WBTV and overseas activities — part of an overall plan to cut $200M annually. The movie side push is most aggressive as year-over-year domestic box office for Warner Bros. films is down about 15%. to date with a reduced slate of openers in 2015. The injection includes releasing three Lego Movie films over the next four years, and three movies based on JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts set for 2016, 2018 and 2020. In addition there is a major push to expand the DC universe.

The game plan is part of the new reality at WB after parent Time Warner has embarked on cost- and job-cutting across the company — positions have been or will be eliminated at every level across the studio, as well as at Turner (CNN is at the process of eliminating 300 jobs this week). The recent failed bid by Fox to take over Warner Bros “accelerated the implementation of the plan,” an insider told Deadline in September when the film studio said the cuts were coming.

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:27 am

The Warner Bros presentation begins with a video that it isn’t streaming because “due to content protection, playback of this video is not allowed.” In plain English, WB is afraid people will record it. 

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Tsujihara’s now up. WB is already the biggest and best studio in the world, he says. Also has the best management team in the industry.

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In TV has been the No. 1 studio for 11 of last 12 seasons, including this year. In theatricals, No. 1 or 2 in domestic box office for 9 of last 10 years. Home entertainment, No. 1 in DVD sales for 17 years…and digital is growing. 

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In adjusted operating income, TV accounts for 49%, Theatrical equals 40%, and other is 11%.

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“We believe we can grow about twice as fast” as the Street expects. Will expand TV production beyond broadcast, focus on global theatrical franchises, and improve margins. 

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:35 am

Warner Bros Television will maintain lead in broadcast. This year 12 of 17 pilots were ordered, a better ratio than last year when 11 of 19 were picked up. Also has 17 returning shows.

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:37 am

Plans to double production for premium and cable TV. “We want to lean into this business.” Will expand partnership with HBO and Turner. But also will continue to sell to “a wide range of buyers.” 

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:38 am

Also expanding international TV production. The most popular series in each country are the ones produced locally. 

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NEWS ALERT: WB has licensed 236 episodes of Friends to Netflix in US and Canada.

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Talks up Hollywood VIP, global SVOD service that includes WB, Universal, Disney, Sony, Miramax.

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:42 am

For Cartoon Network, WB will produce Tom and Jerry, Loony Toons, and Scooby Doo.

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:44 am

“We had a tough summer” at domestic box office. “We do not feel this is a long term trend.” Core economics of theatrical are strong, and home entertainment will grow with electronic sell through and SVOD.

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:46 am

Lego, the World of Harry Potter, and DC will anchor WB’s upcoming movie slate. $800M in revenue this year from Lego — will be 3 more, one in 2016, Lego Batman in 2017, and The Lego Movie 2 in 2018 — a sequel to this year’s film. 

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:48 am

J.K. Rowling writing Fantastic Beasts screenplays for films in 2016, 1018, and 2020. Bringing back director David Yeats (last 4 HP films) and others.  

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:54 am

DC Entertainment has more TV shows planned for next year. At least 10 movies 2016 with Batman vs. Superman, and Suicide Squad (in discussions with four A-list stars). 2017 to have Wonder Woman and Justice League Part 1, directed by Zach Snyder.  In 2018, The Flash and Aquaman. In 2019, Shazam with Duane Johnson and  Justice League 2. And 2020 has Cyborg and Green Lantern.    

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:55 am

Commits to improve profit margins with cost controls, marketing and production, and digital initiatives. A high single digit growth rate for adjusted operating income — double analyst expectations.

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David Lieberman October 15, 20148:57 am

Will transform marketing through data. If WB can cut costs by 10% then that’s $200M to bottom line. 

David Lieberman October 15, 20148:58 am

China a big opportunity. Sees $6.5B in BO by 2018 with $3.5B from local language films.

David Lieberman October 15, 20149:00 am

And he’s done — turning over to CFO Howard Averill