Jon Stewart finally addressed the fact that the Koch brothers have been advertising on The Daily Show, and welcomed them to the program last night.

Stewart played the ad we’ve been noticing — you may have too and wondered, like us, why the Koch brothers are trying to buy Stewart’s audience. Heck, Stewart should be flattered the Koch brothers thought it was important to make one of their opinion-swaying ad buys on on his faux news show.

“Koch Industries. Started in the heartland. We help make better food, clothing, shelter, technologies, and other necessities,” began Sweet Voiceover Lady, sounding like someone bringing us good news from a distant land, as happy factory workers smile at the camera, chemists too, and even an adorable, crawling, diapered baby.

“We build on each others ideas to create more opportunity for people everywhere. We are Koch,” she added.

“Clearly, the Koch brothers are trying to say to our audience of not yet dying-off voters: ‘Even though you may have heard certain things about the Koch brothers, how bad could they be?'” Stewart snickered. “I mean, if they were evil, would a baby agree to appear in one of their  advertisements?”

To welcome them to The Daily Show family Stewart re-played their ad — with a new voiceover he’d provided.