TBS has given a pilot order to a scripted comedy pilot from The Daily Show‘s Jason Jones & Samantha Bee. Jones is set to star in the project, which is inspired by his and wife Samantha Bee’s own experiences with family getaways. The duo wrote the script for the pilot, which is produced by TBS. The Jones/Bee project was one of three comedies that were heating up at TBS. Another, deserted island show Wrecked, was picked up to pilot last week. The third, Quality Time, remains in contention.

The Jones/Bee comedy will follow a family as they take a road trip to Key West. Jones plays hopeful dad Nate, who hops in the car with his wife and two young kids for a 24-hour adventure to the Keys. This comedy will prove that no matter how much close proximity can lead a family to get on each other’s nerves, precarious situations and interactions with strangers can bring them together again. Should this project go to series,  each season will chronicle a different trip.

“As we continue to move TBS in new and exciting directions, we believe that comedies like this will truly resonate with our target audience of young adults,” said Brett Weitz, SVP of scripted development for TBS and TNT, currently the most senior scripted executive at TNT and TBS as the networks are still without a top programming executive.