ABC’s Good Morning America finished first among morning infotainment programs for the week of October 6, outstripping NBC’s Today show by 786,000 total viewers and 154,000 news-demo viewers. It was Today show’s narrowest total viewer and news-demo viewer gap relative to GMA of the past five weeks. But, overall, GMA has increased its demo year-ago lead over Today by triple digits – 711% and is posting its widest season margins over Today in more than 23 years. It was GMA’s third time in three weeks this TV season leading in total viewers and the news demo. GMA clocked 5.367 million total viewers and 1.959 million demo viewers. Today  clocked 4.599 million viewers and 1.805 million news demo viewers. Today won the week among 18-49 year olds, with 1.441 million viewers, to GMA’s 1.426 million.

CBS This Morning averaged 3.142 million viewers, 972,000 demo viewers, and 671,000 18-49 year olds.