ABC’s Good Morning America outstripped NBC’s Today show by 1.252 million viewers, 437,00 news demo adults, and 125,000 Image (1) Todayshow07__120726201155-200x129__131108161415.jpg for post 630812viewers in the 18-49 age bracket for the first week of the new TV season. That makes three consecutive years now GMA has won Premiere Week in overall audience and the news demo. GMA clocked its biggest Premiere Week win over Today in more than two decades.

GMA logged 5.677 million viewers, 2.168 million news demo viewers ,and 1.523 million demo viewers for the week of September 22. Today logged 4.425 million viewers, 1.731 million news demo viewers, and 1.398 million demo viewers. CBS This Morning posted 2.986 million viewers,Image (2) CBSThisMorning__120111230124-200x110.jpg for post 376934 987,000 news demo viewers, and 673,000 demo viewers.

Today pointed out it beat CBS’s morning show for the week by large margins. It also noted that, calendar year to date, it has narrowed the gap with GMA by 10% in overall audience, and it is top ranked for the calendar year to date among 18-49 year olds.