Just two weeks after Fullscreen sold to AT&T and the Chernin Group, Larry Shapiro, the head of its burgeoning talent-management unit, and two others have left to join rival Big Frame.

Shapiro, a former CAA agent who built up Fullscreen’s talent operation to eight managers handling more than 100 YouTube creators, will become Big Frame’s co-president, joining Sarah Penna. Talent managers Andrew Graham and Rana Zand also will join Big Frame, which like Fullscreen has a talent-management unit focused on building the careers of online creators.

Big Frame is a subsidiary of AwesomenessTV, the YouTube multi-channel network owned by DreamWorks Animation, and also has its own MCN with 39 million subscribers to those channels.

The deal highlights both the growing competition for talent relationships in the online video world, and the perceived growing opportunities to do business there in ways that look a lot like Old Hollywood’s traditional structures. In the online-video world, that typically means taking young stars who’ve built huge social-media followings working, essentially, out of their back bedrooms, then moving them into live appearances, merchandise sales, licensing, and more traditional entertainment gigs.

Shapiro was SVP, talent management at Fullscreen and previously was an agent for seven years at CAA, where he launched and oversaw the agency’s videogame division. Zand and Graham were talent managers at Fullscreen, which still has five other “360-management” team members, and about 30 more on its talent-development team.

“We are thrilled to have Larry join us.  His proven track record of working with the leading next generation of talent, and of developing best in class practices to provide an unparalleled level of service and opportunities for our artists, will further push our talent management business to the next level,” added Steve Raymond, CEO Big Frame.