The newly signed big $330 million expansion of California’s $100 million Film and TV Tax Credit Program doesn’t take effect until next year, but the production sun is starting to really shine in LA – at least in TVland. FilmL.A. today released its Q3 2014 report with overall TV Production rising 31.1% over the same period last year. That’s not just good, but part of a trend as it nearly matches the 33.7% rise that TV Production had in Q2 2014 over Q2 2013. In terms of features, which had a surging Q1, things were not on the upswing but pretty stable with a mere 4.0% dip from Q3 2014. While it might be small consolation to many, it is at least an improvement on the 5.3% that features slipped in Q2 2014 from Q2 2013.

“While we are still trying to reclaim our share of television production, we’re encouraged by dramatic television producers’ interest in filmla-logo-smallfilming in Los Angeles,” FilmL.A.boss Paul Audley said today with the release of the report. “With the new tax credit taking effect next July, we see strong potential for growth in local TV work ahead.”

First introduced in 2009, it is, in fact, the Golden State’s industry incentive program that has certainly helped generate the return of production and jobs to the LA region. Looking at 5-year averages, the non-profit permitting group’s latest report notes how features and TV production as well as other production like music videos have all risen from the near catastrophic lows of the last decade. The smallest growth was in features, which have gone up 5.1% this quarter compared to the July-to-September Q3 of 5 years ago. TV production has risen a stronger 21.5% while “Other” has gone up 23.9% Q3 2014 to Q3 2009.

Looking at the TV categories in Q3 2014 it was TV Reality that saw the largest increase with a 49.2% jump over Q3 2013 to to 2,019 PPD. TV Dramas were next with a 43.2% rise over Q3 2013 to 1,408 PPD. TV Pilot production rose 40.8% to 138 PPD and Web-Based TV went up 12.3% to 401 PPD. The only category that saw a decline was TV Sitcoms. They headed down 29.0% from Q3 2013 to 367 PPD. However, it should be noted that in terms of the measurement scale and involvement with FilmLA for permitting and what have you, Sitcoms actually make up “a small portion of Television filming days” notes the organization.